Alex and Catherine both looked absolutely gorgeous on their equally beautiful and personal wedding day last week. We had an amazing time spending the day with their friends and family as we photographed the festivities. I can’t wait to share the rest!

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Mike and Lauren are so much fun to hang out with! We did their engagement session last week eaaaaarly in the morning and it was awesome! More to come soon!

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Lauren K. posted the following on July 9, 2010 at 6:30 am.

YAY!!! Wow, the textures in this shot are awesome. Can’t wait to see them all.

Thanks, Lisa! (+ you guys are fun to hang out with too, ha!)

Julie Karp posted the following on July 9, 2010 at 5:15 pm.

Love this one- Can’t wait to see the rest!

I couldn’t be more happy that Shannan and Eduardo found us and we get to be their wedding photographer. I love these two! Anyone that is a self-proclaimed nerd is all right in my book! Seriously though, Shannan and Eduardo are so much fun, such great people and their engagement session was beyond amazing! We started things off at a really rad construction site in Sacramento. They brought their adorable doggy Tuley along with them — we loved photographing their little family!

Tuley tended to steal the show!

I love that Shannan and Eduardo were totally willing to climb a huge pile of rubble for photos.

Tuley looks like such a protector in this one!

After that, we found an amazing field not too far away where the light was LOVING us! I am sooo in love with these photos!


Shannan & Eduardo, THANK YOU! You guys are so totally wonderful and fun and we cannot wait for your wedding in September! We know it will be a blast!

Click here to see all of Shannan & Eduardo’s engagement photos

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Zac and Brenda’s wedding is coming up in just two short weeks and we cannot wait! They are getting married up in Ashland, Oregon and we just know it is going to rock our socks off because Zac and Brenda are pretty darn awesome people. They were co-valedictorians together at their high school (how cute is that!?) stayed in touch throughout college, reunited, fell in love and now are getting married! We had SO much fun at their engagement session in Davis. Zac and Brenda had the brilliant idea of taking their engagement photos at the Davis Farmers Market. We LOVED shooting there. The colors and texture were just so amazing and Geoff and I can never turn down a good farmers market.

After the Famers Market, we headed a couple blocks over to the UC Davis campus. Zac and Brenda requested some photos with the famed egghead sculptures.

Zac and Brenda are big readers and frequenters of their local library so they brought some books along to the session.

LOVE this one!

We went to the arboretum on campus and stopped by the wonderful little patch of foliage that looked super dreamy…aaahhhh…

Quick side note — as we were shooting, out of NOWHERE this duck flew out of the bushes, literally inches from my face, scaring me half to death! Well, I looked down just a couple feet from where I was standing this nest. Poor little mama duck. I’m sure she made it back to her babies, though.

Brenda had a request for some photos with the poppies and we were happy to oblige.

Zac and Brenda, we had so much fun with you and we are so super excited for your wedding in Oregon in two weeks!

Click here to see all of Zac and Brenda’s engagement photos

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Brenda posted the following on July 6, 2010 at 2:44 pm.

Love these! We had fun wandering the market & campus with you two. And we’re super excited that you’ll be at our wedding too!!!

Vinny and Jessica’s engagement session was so awesome! First of all, these two are high school sweethearts (awww) who have been spending way too much time apart while Jessica finished college in Davis and Vinny was serving in the military in Texas. They get to be together for just a short while until Vinny gets deployed and Jessica goes to France for an internship at a winery in Bordeaux (jealous!) We are so glad to know them because they both are so sweet and so in love with each other. We started the session at the beautiful State Capitol and Capitol Park.

The light was sooooo perfect that day.

I love these! They are so cute and in love.

Because one of the things Jessica and Vinny love is going to the movies, we decided to head over to The Crest Theatre for some neon-sign lovliness.

Vinny and Jessica, we are super excited about your Napa wedding this upcoming May. We just know it is going to be amazing. We had a great time with you at the engagement session, you two are super cute!

Click here to see all of Vinny and Jessica’s engagement photos

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Jessica Maike posted the following on June 30, 2010 at 10:24 pm.

Lisa and Geoff!Are you serious!? Those pictures came out beyond extraordinary! You guys did an amazing job and I’m so glad that you guys are our photographers!!! Thank you so much! Can’t wait for May 2011!

Chris and Natalie’s wedding at Lake Natoma Inn was awesome. We had a great time getting to know their family and friends and capturing their big day. I love how happy they are in this photo — Natalie was just glowing all day! More coming soon!

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Natalie Weaver posted the following on June 29, 2010 at 10:21 pm.

I LOVE this photo! Makes me want to do it all over again. It was such an amazing day! Can’t wait to see the rest!

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