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Awww…John and Elizabeth! What a great wedding for such an amazing couple! I absolutely looooved their ceremony. It was very musical! I can’t wait to share more images of their wedding day. Come back soon to see more!

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How fun was this engagement session!? Jeff and Nichole met at the Wrangler in Wilton, a small town south of Sacramento, where things are just a bit more country, so of course that was the perfect place to kick off the afternoon. I love the whole feel of the photos that came out of the session and of course, Jeff and Nichole are super sweet and cute with each other.

Awww…love at the bar…

I love how Nichole’s beautiful ring was sparkling in the sunlight!

After we left the bar we just kept finding so much cool stuff to use as backgrounds, like the hay and feed store across the street, not to mention the awesome giant buffalo statue or the “tractor graveyard”.

I’m lovin the color and their cute faces at each other in this one!

Special request boot shot!

Awwww isn’t that cu…wait a minute….

So stinkin’ adorable!

Seriously, it was hard to STOP taking photos of these two! Take a look at their gallery for all 115(!) amazingly amazing photos inspired by the love of Jeff and Nichole. We are so excited that their wedding will be the first one of our 2010 year! Hope you two are ready, February 27th is just around the corner!

Click here to see all of Jeff and Nichole’s engagement photos

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Chris and Natalie are so much fun! They are super cute and perfectly matched for each other. Chris and Natalie wanted to have their engagement session in Midtown so we met up at Tapa the World on J Street for some snacks and sangria! Geoff and I had a great time getting to know them better before we kicked off the session.

Magically, the cars on J street parted for a brief while, so we took the opportunity to play in the middle of what is a normally very busy road.

I always love shooting in an urban setting. There is just so much variety! Cool old brick building, awesome modern lamp store, railroad tracks, car wash…check, check, check, and check!

How cute are they?! Seriously!

I am madly in love with these next photos. I think I am developing a little crush on arrows painted on the ground.

The day faded to a beautiful dark evening and thats when the magic really started to happen. Chris and Natalie rocked out this car wash!

After the session I spied a yog’ shop and we all went over for a sweet treat. All but poor Chris who was battling some stomach sickness. Chris you did great — thanks for being such a trooper! And thanks to both Chris and Natalie for being super incredibly awesome and giving us the opportunity to know you both better. We cannot WAIT for your wedding next year!!

Click here to see all of Chris and Natalie’s engagement photos

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The Richards Family Portraits

September 21, 2009

Choosing a florist for our wedding was an easy decision once we met Brandi Richards of Party Petals. Not only did she do an amazing job for our big day but she just so happens to have a big family full of wonderful people! When she told us she was interested in family portraits, Geoff and I were happy to oblige! We had a ton of fun hanging out with all 14 of them at Southside Park in Sacramento. Each family had their own personality and we had a great time getting to know all of them.

The two that started it all!

Is this baby not the cutest you’ve ever seen! She is such a sweetie!


Thank you Richards and Company, for introducing us to your amazing family! We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did creating them!

Click here to see all of the Richards family portraits

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Sabrina and Adam…you changed our lives! To fill you all in, Sabrina is friend of mine from college and one (pre-Lisa Welge Photography) day she contacted me about photographing her upcoming wedding. I said yes, it should be fun, and my life was changed forever. Adam and Sabrina gave me the jumpstart I needed to get our business up and running. Now Geoff and I own a successful growing business and are having the time of our lives meeting and photographing couples in love. And I love that my new hubby and I get to work together as a team doing something we BOTH love. This is what I want to spend the rest of my life doing! Thank You!

Okay, okay, enough about me…let’s get to the WEDDING! Needless to say, it was an incredibly fun day! Sabrina and Adam got married at the Flower Farm in Loomis, CA. Its a super cute venue with several little cottages and the coolest (and strangest) chickens running about. I’ll get to that in a bit. I started the day with Sabrina and her ‘maids and shot some photos of the beautiful bride.

While I was off with the girls, Geoff got to hang out with the boys. He started with them in Sacramento, then tagged along in the motorhome they drove up to Loomis. Who needs a limo anyway?!

Then it was time to get married! The ceremony was held under a big old tree.

Remember those chickens I mentioned? They just roamed around freely. I think they are the cutest chickens ever!

Adam and Sabrina’s bridal party was crazy fun. That’s what you get when most of them are former greeks from college!

The reception was held inside the renovated barn on site. It was decorated beautifully. Lots of yellow (one of my favorite colors) all around!

After the happy couple shared their first dance, everyone else joined in on the fun!

You don’t see a good old fashioned cake smashing too much these days! This one got pretty messy.

CONGRATULATIONS Adam and Sabrina! We had soooo much fun at your wedding. And we really can’t thank you enough for helping us get this business started. You two are awesome and we wish you all the best in your lives together!

Click here to view a selection of images from Adam and Sabrina’s Wedding

Click here for full, password protected gallery. How might one access this gallery you say? Click here to find out how!

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I’ve got to say that being a part of Lawrence and Mandy’s wedding day was one of the best wedding-related experiences we’ve had so far. It was a long yet very amazing day! Geoff and I had never experienced a Chinese wedding before, but we were in for quite a treat! We started the day bright and early at Mandy and Lawrence’s home in Elk Grove.

Mandy look so beautiful on her wedding day…just like a princess!

What happened next was completely unexpected and absolutely hilarious. The groom and all the groomsmen showed up and the bride’s front door. Before the groom could see his bride, he and his guys had to perform a few outrageous tasks to prove his love. The first was to pull berries out of a bin of ice cubes using their bare feet. As you can see from the photo, the guys were all less than willing to perform.

The guys had to parade Lawrence down the street as he screamed at the top of his lungs, ” I LOVE MANDY!”

Then they enjoyed a breakfast of wasabi sandwiches. MMMM…eat the whole thing now! Afterwards they had to wash it down with a baby bottle of soymilk. Yummy!

Then they had to pass a lifesaver to each other using half a toothpick.

Finally they made it inside, but Lawrence was stopped at Mandy’s door and forced to sing “Unchained Melody” to woo his fiancee.

Success! She approved his serenade and was allowed to greet his bride.

Then it was time for the traditional Chinese tea ceremony. The bride and groom presented their parents and other honored family members cups of tea and then were presented with gifts in return.

Then they were off to Lawrence’s house for another tea ceremony.

After the tea ceremonies, it was time for an american-style wedding ceremony held in Mandy and Lawrence’s backyard.

Between the ceremony and reception we had a nice chunk of time to head to a local park and take some fun portraits with Lawrence and Mandy and their bridal party.

The we headed to the restaurant where the amazing reception/banquet was to be held.

The venue had the coolest sparkly pink floors, which made for some great ring shots.

Mandy’s sister Iris did an amazing job planning the entire wedding.

The pretty and delicious cake was made by Ettore’s.

After the cake cutting it was time for the FEAST to begin!

We tried a lot of food I never would have tried on my own including jellyfish, abalone, sea cucumber and a very delicious traditional shark fin soup.

As the banquet went on, occasionally guests were called up to participate in games. In the photo below the young men had to stand in a line while the blindfolded Mandy had to guess which rear-end belonged to her new hubby.

There were some heartfelt speeches…

…and more games! Including “suck-and-blow” with seaweed paper. (men only of course!)

The newlyweds and their family walked around the room and toasted with every table. I really liked all the differences there were compared to an American wedding.

Mandy even got to wear three dresses that day! Fun!

On behalf of Geoff and myself, I cannot express how happy we were to experience and be a part of Mandy and Lawrence’s wedding day. We’ll never forget it! Congratulations to the happy couple. We wish you the best in your marriage and in life!

Click here to view a selection of images from Lawrence and Mandy’s Wedding

Click here for full, password protected gallery. How might one access this gallery you say? Click here to find out how!

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