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We always like to hold engagement sessions somewhere personal to the couple. For Cody and Autumn, who started dating in high school, (even had crushes on each other for the LONGEST time without the other knowing!) we took a trip back to their hometown, Auburn, CA to Placer High to make some awesome photos of these two high school sweethearts.

Right here is the spot where the two first met each other in between classes…so heartwarming!

What an amazing day it was! Two crazy-in-love kiddos and the most awesome fall foliage! It was a beautiful combo!

Did I mention how awesome this school is? Seriously beautiful architecture — it was hard to believe it was a high school!

Wowee, we are so glad to have been able to do this session with Autumn and Cody! We loved getting to see the origins of their relationship and we hope we captured the school (and the couple, of course) to the truest extent! Thanks for being so great Autumn and Cody! We can’t wait for the wedding (and hopefully a trip to Taco Tree in the near future!)

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John, Francie, Katie, & Cara

November 28, 2009

Seriously, this is one adorable family! We met up with John and Francie and their two girls Katie and Cara at the beautiful Capitol Park for some family portraits.

Oh my goodness…get a load of the cuteness that is Cara! I love her curly blonde hair and beautiful baby blue eyes! She was just a bundle of giggly energy too!

And, hello?! Isn’t Katie a such beautiful young woman!? I am totally envious of her hair…I wish mine had that much volume and va-va-voom!

These two couldn’t be any cuter.

John and Francie even let us capture a few images of them as a couple!

John, Francie, Katie and Cara, you all did awesome and Geoff and I both love how your photos turned out! Thanks for being such a cute and loving family!!

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Geoff and I are both SO happy to know this wonderful couple that is just brimming with personality! We had an amazing time with Ryan and Shannon (and puppy Tucker!) at their engagement session on Saturday! Stay tuned for more photos from the evening and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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The Penney Family!

November 25, 2009

What a pleasure it was to photography Jon and Estella and brand-new baby Benjamin! Benjamin is just 3 months old and one cute little guy! Geoff and I had fun spending some time with the Penney’s and capturing them as a new little family.

Baby expressions just crack me up! The little bit of drool is the icing on the cake!

Raspberry! My dad always did this to us as kids!

Benjamin: “Cut it out guys! This is soooo embarrassing.”

After some time in the great outdoors, we took baby Benjamin inside to our mini-studio for some photos in his christening outfit.

Thanks Penney’s for a great time! We just know little Benjamin is going to grow up to be one handsome fella!

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OOOHH my goodness — How much are we in love with Jared and Meghan? What an amazingly sweet and in love couple! Geoff and I had a blast at their wedding and are SO excited to share their wedding photographs! Seriously, there were so many amazing photos, it was hard to choose which ones to post here. So we are just going to post a ton of em!

First of all, Meghan and Jared’s venue, the Forest House Lodge is AMAZING! Gorgeous location, historical hotel, super nice staff — it was such a pleasure to work there! I spent the morning with Meghan and her girls as they got ready downstairs at the lodge.

It was such a treat photographing Meghan. She such a beauty! Not only that, but she was simply bursting with excitement, aaaaand she has the most incredible smile!

Jared and his fellas were also getting ready at the Lodge, so Geoff got to spend the morning with them.

I was so so so happy that Jared and Meghan decided to do a first look. It was such an emotional, happy moment and we were able to rock out some awesome photos of the soon-to-be newlyweds. How adorable is this first shot of all the bridesmaids sneaking a peek of the first look through the window?

This is why it’s great that Geoff and I work together. I love that we are able to capture the same moment from two different angles. Jared and Meghan both had such sweet reactions to seeing each other for the first time!

I love that Jared and Meghan planned so much extra time into their day-of schedule. We would not have been able to make all these amazing images without it!

Seriously Meghan!!! Could you be any more flippin’ gorgeous!!?

After portraits it was time to get these two married! The ceremony location is about a mile away from the lodge on this incredible overlook surrounded by tall pines. Looking out, there were rolling tree-covered hills has far as the eye could see. It was so breathtaking! And this couple had SUCH a beautiful, spiritual ceremony. It was hard for even me to hold back the tears!

Check out this irresistible mother/daughter photo. Awwwww…Meghan’s mom was so sweet.

Then it was back over to the Forest House Lodge for the reception. They designed this wonderful whimsical peacock theme that ran thoughout the venue.

Signing the Marriage Certificate and making it legal. Gotta love this officiant!

Thank you SO MUCH Jared and Meghan, for letting us capture your incredible wedding day! I think we have as many amazing memories as you! (almost, haha) We wish you both so many happy years together!

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We are Homeowners!!!

November 19, 2009

After a 5 month process, Geoff and I are SO excited to say that we are HOMEOWNERS!!! We just got the keys to our very first home together in Elk Grove. We are moving from our ~500 square foot, one bedroom apartment in midtown to a 2059 square foot, 4 bedroom, 3 bath 2 story home. We needed the space desperately! We are so excited to set up our home office, and our client meeting and premier space as well as put those creative decorating skills to work! I’m sure we’ll have plenty of before/after photos to share as we work on updating and awesome-ifying our straight-out-of-1990 house. SO exciting! Thank you to everyone for your support and help during this process! It’s moving time!!!

The house! Not crazy about the paint color. I dream of a sunny yellow house with white trim. We also want a porch on the front!

House hug!

Geoff carrying me over the threshold! Been dreaming of this moment for so long!

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