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It was insanely busy leading up to our wedding, but that didn’t stop us from rocking out an amazing family portrait session the weekend before! We got together with the family of the amazing and talented Brandi Richards of Party Petals. Geoff and I were lucky enough to have her as our florist at our wedding and she did an amazing job. The flowers were beautiful! Anywhoo, here’s a teaser image from their session…more to come soon!

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Wowza, wowza, wowza. The wedding was AY-MAY-ZING! I cannot even begin to describe what a wonderful time it was…so I won’t. At least not yet. Geoff and I are on the tail end of our “mini-moon” but REALLY wanted to share the photos from the Photo Booth we set up at our wedding. (Full wedding write-up to come, I promise!) Hands-down the funnest part of the event, we were getting comments left and right from our guests about how awesome they thought the photo booth was. Below are a few of mine and Geoff’s favorite shots from the night, followed by a slideshow and (yes) ALL of the photos for you to see.

Here are the Mr. and Mrs. (I love that this is the first photo of us to surface)

Big love goes out to our photographers, Sarah and Dustin of Sarah Maren Photography. Of course they had to jump in as well!

My dad made the chalkboard thought and talk bubbles for the booth. He did such a great job, thank you pop!

Featuring our DIY mustaches on a stick.

That’s right. Grandma’s in the photo booth.

My cutie cousin Mattie was the bestest cotton candy machine guy evar!

My mom and dad even got in on the action.

My maid of honor was eight months pregnant at the wedding. She is expecting a little girl, “Eva” and I cannot wait to meet her!

I got to see so many friends from my sorority days in Chi Delta at Sac State. These girls are as fun as ever!

Sarah and Dustin, we CANNOT WAIT to see the wedding photos. You guys were rockin’ it hard!

That guy back there is Neil, our officiant. The guy who married us knows how to party.

Thank you to all of our guests for such a great time! Check out the slideshow below featuring some of our favorite shots from the booth.

Click here to see all of the photos from the photo booth!

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Our Wedding: is today!!!

August 22, 2009

I cannot believe the big day is really here. In about 16 hours Geoff and I will be husband and wife. I cannot even begin to express how much joy (and anticipation) I feel right now. Being engaged has been an amazing, whirlwind experience. From getting engaged, to growing our business, to shopping for a house together, to falling even more in love, this past year has been the best one of my life. SOOOOO, just a heads up for anyone who is trying to get a hold of us, Geoff and I will be doing Disney on our “mini-moon” until Friday (SO excited!). If you can’t seem to reach us, don’t take it to heart! We will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

What started this crazy adventure to wedding-land: when Geoff proposed on June 29th, 2009. I’m not exaggerating at all when I say this was one of the happiest days of my life. (So far!) I love you Geoffy and I cannot wait to be Mrs. Bardot. See you all on the other side!

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Our Wedding: The Dress

August 18, 2009

That’s right, it’s done! I finished the dress yesterday (yes, last minute, I know) and I am sooooo happy! It is exactly what I wanted. It certainly didn’t come easy. Despite all the re-do’s and frustration I would never have done it differently. I’m so proud that I made my dress and it is just what I want to be wearing when I marry Geoff. Sigh…I can hardly wait.

Here is a photo of the full ensemble, veil, shoes, jewelry and all. You can see the colored petticoat peeking out ever so slightly at the bottom. HUMONGOUS thanks go out my mom and grandma who slaved over big poofy layers of tulle to help me make it. It’s a bit different that my original plan but I am super happy with the outcome. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh and if you plan on attempting a petticoat of your own, my advice is to make it first and give yourself plenty of time!

Here’s the back. It normally closes all the way, but my dress form is bigger than me now. That’s a good thing!

The sash was one of the last things I made yesterday. The dress just wouldn’t be complete without a nice big bow!

I made the flower originally for my hair, but last minute decided it looked better on the dress. I love it!

I cannot even put into words how excited I am. It’s great to see everything coming together. I’m excited for the parties, excited to see everything put together, excited to see all of my friends and family, but most of all, I’m excited to finally call Geoff my husband. I love his so much and cannot wait for the rest of our lives together.

Wanna check out the process of making the dress? Click here for the post!

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When life is redonkulously busy, some of the wedding details get left until the last minute. Tonight, I made my birdcage veil. I am really happy with the outcome, so I thought I’d post a quick tutorial!

Basically, the ingredients were one yard of russian netting, a fake flower from the craft store, cute little scrapbooking flowers and hot glue. With the sewing machine, I gathered the netting on both of the short ends, and also along one long side. I gathered this all together in a pleasing shape then sewed like crazy over all of it, making a flat area to attach the flower.

To make the flower part, I dissected a faux flower, took all of the plastic bits out, then hot glued together enough layers of petals together to get the look I wanted. Then I glued in the little yellow flowers. (you can glue in anything you want, really, i.e. below)

Geoff said this was too random to wear with the real veil, so I think it will have to make an appearance at the reception. Yesssss. Really, who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

I glued the fabric to the gathered part of the netting with the hot glue. Then I added two alligator clips, for attaching the veil to my hair. I promise a much better tutorial soon for making hair flowers in this manner, they are so much fun!

Voila! Veil you have it! (ooh, bad pun.) Oh and that thing at the bottom of the picture below, its my dress. Its DONE! I am so excited! A post about it is coming soon I promise! I just need to take some good photos of it. 4 days to go, people!!!

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Mustachio! I’ve seen the mustache craze circling the wedding blogsphere and I just think they are adorable. So Geoff and I both enthusiastically gave project mustache-on-a-stick the thumbs up. We got together with our very helpful friends to make about 80 of them. I’m happy to share a how-to on how we made our mustachios. (with templates!) Oh, and did I mention very how very inexpensive they are to make?!

Craft felt (two sheets make about 3-5 ’staches)
Hot glue gun/glue sticks
Craft dowels (we used the 1/4″ size)
Mustachio Template (Click here to download)

1. Cut your ’stache
You need two layers of each mustache for each stick. You can use the templates I created (can you spot the Mario ’stache?) or just freehand it.

2. Get gluing
Line up your layers and start gluing with hot glue between the two layers about halfway through the mustache. In order to get the felt really stiff, I made sure to use a lot of glue so that it covered the entire shape, not just the edges.

3. Stick it
Insert the stick on the side of the mustache, making sure to glue both sides of the stick to the felt. Finish up applying glue to the rest of the mustache and you are good to go! You can even tie on a ribbon to coordinate with your wedding colors.

4. Take funny photos!
The mustache-on-a-stick makes for hilariously dignified photographs. The shots below are from the test run of the Photobooth we are putting together for the wedding. (Sorry they are slightly indecent). Have fun!

Geoff and Lisa wedding countdown: 5 DAYS! Can you tell I’m a WEEE bit excited?

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