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John and Elizabeth’s engagement session was rockin’! They are one cute, quirky couple! I can’t wait to share more images from the shoot. Will there be bunnies and kitties? Oh yessss… You two are awesome John and Elizabeth! More coming soon!

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Wowee, I could say so many wonderful things about Lawrence and Mandy’s wedding. From the traditional Chinese ceremony to the hilarious games and antics to the abundant seafood banquet, it was a day full of pure awesomeness (and lots of love, of course). I cannot wait to share their wedding story. Until then, here is a teaser photo from their big day. Stay tuned for more!!

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I am so excited to share Tony and Stephanie’s wedding with the blog world. They were married in the beautiful UC Davis Arboretum in June. It was a day filled with family and personal handmade touches that made the day all the more special. Stephanie got ready at the Putah Creek Lodge where the ceremony and reception were held.

Tony and Stephanie chose to do a First Look Session, in which we get to capture the moment they saw each other for the first time all dressed up on their wedding day.

After our portrait session, it was time to get married! The ceremony was held under a huge oak tree. It was such a lovely and heartfelt ceremony.

Then it was reception time! Everyone headed inside for lunch provided by Hannibals Caterting. The adorable cake was by the ever-delicious Freeport Bakery. The cake topper was so cute, perfect for Tony and Stephanie.

As you might already know, I am such a sucker for kids at weddings, and this one had some cuties scampering around!

Tony and Stephanie had us make an Engagement Session Guestbook featuring photos from their engagement session. It was a hit!

Stephanie and her family made homemade cookies as the favors. Heartfelt and delicious!

Congratulations Tony and Stephanie! Geoff and I are both honored to be the ones to capture your wedding day. We wish you all the best in your marriage!

Click here to view a selection of images from Tony and Stephanie’s Wedding

Click here for full, password protected gallery. How might one access this gallery you say? Click here to find out how!

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This couple, my friends, is why photography exists. Jared and Meghan are just too adorable for words to describe! I was so excited when Meghan told us they’d decided to choose us as their wedding photographers. They also have one of the cutest proposal stories ever! (Seriously, if you see them, ask them about it. It’s great!) We started their engagement session near Central Park of Downtown Davis.

Meghan and Jared brought along these cute, nerdy glasses they wanted to take some silly photos with. Bravo you two! Awesome prop — I LOVE how these next photos came out. Readers, you’ll have to excuse the redonkulous amount of photos coming up from this part of our session. It was way too hard to only show a couple.

We danced around in the middle of a busy street…

…there was much kissing.

We were lucky enough to find a hammock-chair hanging in a nearby tree.

I love the color in this one! Many kudos go to the girl or guy who chose the paint color!

To finish things up we headed to the local Peet’s Coffee, one of Jared and Meghan’s favorite spots to hang out and relax.

Jared and Meghan, THANK YOU for an awesome session! Geoff and I had the best time! We cannot wait for your wedding, we know its going to rock our socks.

Click here to see all of Jared and Meghan’s engagement photos

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Before Geoff and I got engaged I found (and shortly became obsessed with) this amazing convertible dress, aka infinity dress, aka easy-peasy wonder dress! I found the tutorial to make it from Rostitchery. It’s basically a skirt with two long wide straps that you can wrap around you and wear in dozens of ways. I made myself a couple and loved them!

So when I started to think of potential bridesmaids dresses, these instantly came to mind. Cute, casual, COMFORTABLE, and very versatile. All my girls get to wear the dresses whatever way they like best. So I took on the task of making them for my 4 bridesmaids. They took about 1-2 hours each and were pretty inexpensive too. (Costing under $60 each!). Here they are hanging up.

There are designers that make a similar dress, like Butter by Nadia and Two Birds Bridesmaids. My version sported a few tweaks like built-in tube top and one was even a maternity version for my MOH. I wrapped them all up and packaged them with a note filled with websites that feature the dress with pics and videos about how to tie them.

I gave them beaded necklaces to wear on the big day. (Oh, how I adore chunky beaded necklaces!)

I gave them to the girls on Friday and we had a “Wrap Party”. We played with the dresses and all the different ways to wear them. It was a bunch of fun and I think all the girls liked the dresses. I had a great time making them for all my favorite girls! I can’t wait to show off what they all looked like in them! Just over a month until the BIG DAY!

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I am so excited about Cale and Lana getting engaged! You may recognize them from the couple session Geoff and I did of them in December. They are the cutest couple ever! We decided to have their engagement session in the wonderful city of San Francisco, where they spent one of their first weekends together as a couple. This was one awesome session! It was a beautiful day so we chased all over looking for interesting spots. We started off in Golden Gate Park for a mix of cool architecture and natural surroundings.

Lana had one request for the photos and that was for some graffiti, and boy did we deliver! We found this AMAZING alley in the Mission that was pretty breathtaking.

No SF photo shoot would be complete without the Golden Gate Bridge so we drove up the hill for seriously the awesomest jumping photos EVER.

To wrap up the evening we headed to the beach for some sunset photos. It was such a beautiful night, we weren’t the only ones who had the great idea to take photos there — there had to have been at least 6 other photographers chasing around the beach with couples, brides, fashion models, you name it! Good thing we all know how to share. :)

Cale did a fantastic job designing Lana’s ring. Isn’t it purdy?

Dramatic dip sunset photo, ready…GO!

CONGRATULATIONS Cale and Lana! Geoff and I are SUPER DUPER excited about your wedding in October! We hope you love your engagement photos as much as we loved taking them. (Which is a lot!)

Click here to see all of Cale and Lana’s Engagement Photos

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